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1. Completed Enrollment Package (based upon enrollment status)

Non-TP School students attending any of the Camps during School breaks will pay a Registration fee of $25 once a year. The only exception is siblings of fulltime TP students; no additional registration fee required.

(Summer Camp, Spring Break, Winter Break)

Camps & Breaks

An interview is required for all new students (preschool & elementary) upon enrollment. Interviews will be with both student and parent(s). This is mandatory for new enrollees. Preschoolers must be fully potty trained, not using pull-ups at any time upon admittance.

New Students

You must complete the Returning Student Registration  and pay the non-refundable registration fee. This annual fee is for students who will attend the next school year. You are only considered a returning student if you are currently enrolled in our school. Children who have withdrawn for more than one semester must apply as a new student. 

Returning Students

2. Obtain a Copy of Current Shot Records: Click here to download the medical Form


    3. Complete Student/Parent Agreement Clause:

It is the policy of TP Schools that each student and parent read carefully and sign the Statement of Cooperation before enrollment for the school year. By signing this statement, full cooperation with the rules and regulations of the school is expected.


    4. Pay Registration Fee Plus First Week's Tuition Payment.

Annual Registration Fee -  per family fee (new & returning students. If student is transferred, we'll have you complete a transfer of records form.)


NOTE: All new students and parents must undergo an interview prior to being enrolled.






The yearly tuition at TP Schools is as follows: (August-May)


  • Preschool: Call for details (Scholarships & discounts available)

  • Kindergarten: Call for details (Scholarships & discounts available)

  • Elementary: $5,940.16 (per student)

  • Middle School 6th - 8th Grade: $5,940.16 (per student)



Parents enrolled during the academic school year (August-May) pay for the annual tuition as agreed upon your financial contract. Camps days/weeks (Fall/Winter/Spring) is NOT included in tuition; therefore you pay for all camp weeks/days that your child is in attendance in addition to the annual tuition.  All parents must meet with the Financial Counselor before your child begins school. 


NOTE:  When TP Schools is closed due to scheduled breaks, weather-related closing, and holidays; tuition payments are still due and expected as agreed in your financial contract.  You are responsible for the annual tuition whether your child is in attendance or not.




TPS Eagle Scholarship is available for our families who meet the financial requirements.  TPS Eagle Scholarship is for families who do not qualify for any other grants, scholarships, or assistance.  Eagles Scholarship applies only during the Academic School year (AUG-MAY). 

Indiana Choice Vouchers & Choice Scholarship Tax Credit

All parents of Kindergartners through 8th grade are encouraged to stop by the Finance office to see if you qualify for the Indiana Choice Voucher and/or the Choice Tax Credit Scholarship prior to September 1st. 

On My Way Pre-K  & CCDF  Vouchers

As parents who agreed to enroll their child(ren) in TPS, you are ultimately responsible for the full tuition of your child(ren) education, not OMW Vouchers or CCDF.  What OMW Vouchers & CCDF does not pay you are expected to pay in accordance with the financial terms of your contract, and in agreement with TPS policies/procedures.  Please refer to your financial agreement.