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Tuition Rates

At TP Schools, we are dedicated to giving your child the best education possible. While we understand that this may require a financial investment, we ensure that we will invest even more into your child's educational success. Please be advised that when TP Schools is closed due to scheduled breaks, weather-related closing, as well as holidays; tuition payments are still due as agreed upon in your financial contract. You are responsible for the annual tuition whether your child is in attendance or not. 


There are other costs associated with a private school education that are not covered by tuition.



Types of Financial Assistance Available 

Indiana Choice Scholarship (Voucher)

The state of Indiana pays tuition payments for eligible families. Students must be enrolled prior to September 1st and meet both household and student eligibility qualifications. [More Information]

Tax Credit Scholarship (SGO)

Students must meet both household and income qualifications in order to be eligible for tax credit scholarship. [More Information]

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We understand that financial circumstances arrive unexpectedly. However, we do not want these circumstances to keep your child from obtaining the best academic combination of Christ and education. 

On My Way Pre- K and CCDF

To qualify for both On My Way Pre-K and CCDF, parents are required to meet income qualifications. Please note that while On My Way Pre-K and/or CCDF may cover tuition costs, parents may still be required to pay additional fees in accordance with the financial terms of their contract, and in agreement with the TPS policies/procedures. [More Information]

TP Schools Eagles Scholarship

The TP Schools Eagles Scholarship is available for families who meet the financial requirements. In addition, the TP Schools Eagles Scholarship is for families who do not qualify for any other grants, scholarships, or assistance. Please note the TP School Eagles Scholarship only applies during the current academic school year (AUG-MAY). 


Will every request for financial assistance be met?

Unfortunately, no. The collective need of accepted students whose families qualify for financial assistance may exceed our financial aid budget. Not all applicants will meet the established scholarship criteria. Due to fluctuating expenses from year to year, unfortunately, funds may not be available to fully meet the needs of all deserving applicants.

Do I need to reapply each year for financial assistance? 

Yes. This is due to the constant changing of the needs of applicants, as well as the school's financial budget.

Does financial assistance cover the summer camps? 

No. Assistance is only available during the regular academic school year (August-May).

How do I know if I have been awarded a scholarship? 

After meeting with our Financial Director, you will receive a financial contract outlining all financial assistance your child will receive for the academic school year.

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