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TP Schools will do everything they can to keep parents informed of their child's progress academically and socially. It is imperative that parents support the school with their regular attendance to events, fundraisers, and teacher-parent conferences. In order for your child to succeed you need to be involved in their school!!



TP Parent's Fellowship Organization serves as an outlet for parents to support the school, help form policies, and serve as a voice for the concerns, needs, and suggestions of our Parents. A board that consists of the following will control this organization:


  • President

  • Vice President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Fundraising Chair

This board will meet and operate as deemed necessary. The Administrator/Principal prior to implementation must approve all activities, guidelines, etc.The PFO board and committees meet monthly the month prior to a PFO sponsored event on the School calendar. This allows parents to come together to plan and discuss upcoming events and issues that may need to be addressed.


If you are interested in getting involved or have more questions please contact the PFO President Deandra Wilkins at tpfo@tpschoolsindy.com


Membership to the PFO is automatic based upon enrollment of your student(s) here at TP Schools. We trust all parents to support the events and actively support the meetings. Announcements of the meetings will be posted and placed in the newsletter.



A parents' role is vitle to the success of their students. We believe that a strong families produce strong student. Our parent empowerment meetings are used to enhance and address the needs of the parents and students of TP schools. We provide support as well as time to meet and greet others parents and students. Our goal is to help foster a healthy relationship between family, staff and administration.



My School Worx is your one stop shop to getting information about your student's progress. It’s easy to use, time-saving, and fully configurable and accessible on any device, anywhere, at any time. Parents can see assignments, results, correspond with teachers, view behavior, and much more! 

With Watch Me Grow you will always know what is happening inside the classroom! Watch your students online, live, with "Watch Me Grow". At TP Schools parents are encouraged to get involved with their childs day to day activities. We realize that your schedules do not always permit you to drop by for a visit so that is why we offer this excellent feature. Click here to sign up.

One Call Now is an automated phone system that will allow us to send out important notices or alerts to our partents via phone call, email, or text messageing. 
Prearson Education allows students to access text book, worksheets, tutorials, and online educational gaming that will help them be successful in their studies. This program is an excellent tool for both parents and students. Each Student 1st - 8th has their own personal platform for all core subjects. Click here to sign in.
Weekly Newsletter is a useful tool that TP Schools uses to inform and educate everyone about the upcoming events, and the past celebrations. You can choose to either have the newsletter emailed directly to you or you can pick on up at the front office. You will never be with knowing what your school is doing.


We are a uniform dress school. Students are to wear uniforms daily. The dress code is specific and must be purchased at School Zone, located at 5425 N. Keystone Avenue.  (Please note the additional Dress Code requirements listed)


                        APPROVED UNIFORM DRESS   K-8th Grade

  • Bottoms: Navy Blue & Khaki Logo ONLY! TPS Uniform Plaid (ALL Must be below the knee)

  • Belts: black or brown only

  • Shoes: ALL BLACK ONLY! The logo on the shoe can only be white or grey!

  • Socks/Tights: White, Black, Navy 

  • Tops: Navy, White, or Gold with logo unless wearing jumper. White Shirt w/ cross tie.Tops under uniform shirts MUST BE white or navy only! No other colors will be accepted.

  • Sweaters: Navy Blue, White, or Black only

  • Program Uniforms: Navy Blazer with TPS logo (boys), White Shirts with plaid cross ties, Navy pants, and Tights must be White or Navy. Field Trip Uniform: GOLD logo Polo, Khaki or Navy Bottoms.

  • PE Uniform: Skirts must have leggings or shorts underneath and be below the knee.

  • 4th - 8th Grade GYM UNIFORM should include: Separate Gym Attire of sweat pants, T-Shirt, Sweat Shirt or T-Shirt, Shorts must be below the knees and loose fitting.



TP Schools will partner with School Zone (5425 Keystone Ave, #200) to provide a place for our families to buy TPS approved uniforms.  ALL students are required to wear appropriate uniform daily. School Zone provides reasonable prices and quality uniforms that may be purchased through their layaway plan and other programs to assist you during the school year. To inquire about prices and availability, please contact School Zone directly at 317-253-7889.       (10% of in-store sales will be donated to TP’s PFO)


The City Trustees office provides assistance to families with financial needs with uniforms through School Zone (financial restrictions apply).  Depending upon your residence, you may inquire by calling the City Trustee office: Marion County at (317) 633-3610 or City of Lawrence at (317) 890-0011 during the first week of July.



TP Schools has a co-op program that convenes from August through the last day of school.  This program is only offered to help us lessen the overall expense of operating a school.  Specific positions will be assigned based on the needs of the school deemed necessary by the Administration.  Things you should know about this program include:


  • Work Program gives an hourly rate and  money earned is applied toward your tuition account only.

  • Parents may apply for limited spaces in May of each year.  Once these positions are filled, we can place you on a waiting list.

  • Positions you may work are based upon your availability and qualifications.

  • Positions may be created based on the needs of the school and not always posted. 

  • Co-ops responsibilities and hours are scheduled as deemed necessary by administration. 

  • More than three uncovered absences will terminate participation in the Work Program.

  • Three times being late is considered an unacceptable absence.

  • Co-ops that are responsible, productive, and consistent will be able to apply for positions yearly.

  • No minor children may come to the work with you


Parents, who would like to volunteer to attend trips or participate in any activity that would involve your being around the children daily or weekly, must complete an application and get a Criminal History Check.  


TP SCHOOLS 2019-2020


July 29th /Aug 1st                                             Parent Orientation

Aug. 2nd                                                           Meet and Greet Picnic 5p-7p

Aug. 5th                                                            First day of School

Aug.16th-17th                                                    Family Festival (8/16 5p-9p and 8/17 11a-5p)

Aug. 26th-30th                                                  TP Schools Spirit Week

Sept. 2nd                                                           Labor Day

Sept. 6th                                                           Grandparent’s Day Luncheon

Sept. 9th                                                           Students dismiss at 3:40p

Sept. 18th                                                         School Fall Pictures

Sept. 23rd-27th                                                 Hispanic Heritage Week

Sept. 27th                                                         A+ Club Celebration

Oct. 8th-10th                                                    Teacher/Parent Conferences

Oct 31st                                                           Harvest Celebration

Nov. 1st                                                           TPS Food Drive begins (ends Nov.22nd)

Nov. 7th                                                           Family Fun Night 5:30p-7p

Nov. 26th                                                         Spirit Wear Day

Nov. 27th-29th                                                 Thanksgiving Break

Dec.18th                                                          TPS Christmas Program 7p

Dec. 19th                                                         Last day for students/Report Cards

Dec. 23rd-Jan.3rd                                            Winter Break

Jan 7th                                                            TPS Students Return

Jan.8th                                                            Kindergarten Ice Cream Meet & Greet 4:30p-5:30p

Jan 20th                                                           MLK Day No school

Jan.21st                                                          100th day of School Celebration

Jan. 24th                                                         E-Learning Day

Feb 3rd                                                           2020-2021 Open Registration begin

Feb 5th                                                           School Spring Picture day

Feb.14th                                                         Valentine’s Day

Feb. 17th                                                        President’s Day E-Learning Day

Feb. 20th                                                        Parent Empowerment Meeting

Feb. 28th                                                        Black History Program

March 5th -6th                                               TPS Art Show

March 17th -19th                                           Parent/Teacher Spring Conferences

March 23rd-25th                                             8th Grade class trip

March 26th –April 3rd                                   Spring Break

April 6th                                                        TPS Students Return

April 15th                                                     TPS Open House 9a-6p

April 20th                                                      NJHS Induction Ceremony

April 22nd                                                     Spirit Wear Day

April 29th                                                     Preschool Spring Program 7pm

May 4th-8th                                                   Staff Appreciation Week

May 15th                                                       8th Grade Formal Dinner 7p

May 18th                                                      Field day

May 21st                                                      Last day of School / TPS Graduation Ceremony 7p

May 27th -July 2nd                                       Summer Camp

June 8th - 26th                                               TPS Summer School

*Subject to change.  Please reference your weekly updates for changes