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Summer Safety Tips

Ready or not....summer is here, and as temperatures rise it is very important to remember heat safety tips.

Stay Hydrated

If you don't remember a thing, please remember that during the summer, water is your best friend! It is fairly easy to become dehydrated when being outdoors. Just taking a water break can prevent dehydration and heat-related illnesses.

Beat the Heat

Heat-related illness occurs when the body overheats and has lost too much fluid. Taking extra safety precautions before leaving your home is vital for families.

  • Wear Sunscreen: If you are planning to be outdoors, apply sunscreen before leaving your home. Sunscreen protects your skin from sunburns and blisters.

  • Staying Cool: Finding a nice shaded area, staying inside, or even just taking a break from the heat. All these tips will help your body remain cool while you are outdoors.

  • Avoid Hot Vehicles: Imagine it is 86 degrees outside, but in your vehicle, it can rise to nearly 120 degrees in a matter of minutes. Leaving children or pets inside a car in the summer, even for just a few minutes, can be dangerous.

Be Informed

Heat Alerts: Check for local heat advisories and warnings daily.

Signs of Heat Exhaustion: Know the signs of heat-related illness and how to treat in the case of an emergency.

  • Feeling weak, tired and/ or nauseous

  • Pale or flushed skin

  • Fainting or Vomiting

  • Sweaty or high body temperature

  • Headache

If you or someone you know are experiencing any of these symptoms, cool down the body immediately.

Suggested Heat Safety Resources


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