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Non-TP School students attending any of the Camps during School breaks will pay a Registration fee of $25 once a year. The only exception is siblings of fulltime TP students; no additional registration fee required.

(Summer Camp, Spring Break, Winter Break)

TP Summer Camp program is geared toward youths ages 2 ½ yrs old (Potty Trained) through Forth Grade. Our children will enjoy a full schedule of fun and learning. Our focus is to keep the academic levels achieved during the school fresh in our students’ mind, while providing field trips, and exciting experiences that take advantage of Summer Sun!





Camps & Breaks

A typical day will begin with Chapel and then one hour of educational games and activities. The preschoolers will take their field trips in the morning, use their artistic abilities to create things, and enjoy recreation. They will have a nap every afternoon and then awaken to activity stations.



Our Elementary students are divided by the grade they just completed for our Summer Activities. They begin their day with Chapel and then continue to Academic Review and Tutoring for the Morning.


After lunch they will leave for field trips which include swimming, roller skating, bowling, mini golf, hiking, movies, and several trips to the Zoo, Children Museum, and other areas of interest. Some field trips will be day long events.


Our focus this summer will be to help our students become well rounded through academics, character Development, athletics, and Community Service.


Your children will always have something exciting to talk about when they come home because their day will be full of things to share. Our staff will provide a safe, Christian environment, with love and godly principles governing their actions. For more information and a weekly schedule of activities call us 317-898-4420. 


Our Summer Calendar of Events is available online after May 15th, or you can stop in and pick up a Calendar.



  • We offer care from 6:30am-6pm, Monday through Friday

  • Children must be 3yrs. old (and Potty Trained) through 1st Grade

  • Payments for Service MUST be paid on Mondays

  • Discipline and Conduct Rules available upon Registration

  • Late pick up (After 6pm) is an additional $25 flat fee and $2.00 per minute

  • Mandatory Summer Enrichment class for our students who are working below expectations will be free for TP Students. However, you will have to pay for any time spent beyond their session

  • Rates prorated for first week only



You must pay in advance for services rendered. During the summer, you only pay for days in attendance, unless you signed up for the entire week.



You can receive credit for time paid or reimbursement for unused time, if you cancel 48 hours in advance. You must pay for days you reserve a space whether you attend or not.



  • Registration: $25 per family

  • Daily Rate: $35 (All ages)

Please contact the school for weekly rates for 3yr. olds (fully potty trained) - 1st grade


TPKA will offer affordable camps during out of school breaks from 6:30am-6pm . This includes fall, winter, spring, and summer. Students between the ages of 3 years old (fully potty trained) through 1st Grade may attend Camp. Our staff will focus on character development, Christian morals, and values; all while having an exciting line-up of age appropriate activities, arts and crafts, indoor and outdoor games, field trips, and much more. Children will participate in daily chapel.


Time of Arrival

Campers may arrive between the hours of 6:30am-9:00am. If your camper will arrives after 9am please call the school to in include them in ratio and lunch count. If you do not call your late camper will not be allowed to stay. Also, if they are not present by the time their group leaves for a field trip scheduled that day, they will not be permitted to attend with their group. All Camp Teachers will go with their group there will not be anyone to stay with a camper that has to stay behind.



Children will be assigned a group leader that will be responsible for them at all times.  Any disrespect or disobedience toward a Group leader may result in student not being able to participate in activities, go on a field trip, or prohibited to return.


During Before care, Aftercare, and/or Camps any major infraction of rules of disrespect and following orders as stated under TPKA Discipline Procedures apply during all childcare programs.  However, there will be no tolerance of behavior problems during the childcare programs that cause harm or disrespect of student and staff.  Once a student is reprimanded or deemed to be uncooperative during childcare programs, the child will be written up and the parent will be notified. The child will not allowed to attend for a number of days deemed suitable by administration.  Admittance to future camps or camp weeks will be based on correction of behavior and an apology or behavior reflection paper in writing from student(s).